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A story of Barry Langer & Michael Jolin
Feature Film - Romance

“Prepare to Engage” centers on the maid of honor, Melanie Trumbull.

She planned the entire wedding for her sister. But now she's been thrown for a loop.Her world is completely turned upside-down when she meets

free-spirited piano player, Murphy Mason, during the Cocktail Hour.

Opposites attract. Sparks fly. Romance ensues. Careers hang in the balance.   Nothing in common but Murphy’s law of love that conquer hearts and out-of-box project.

Melanie is on the fast track to making partner at a prestigious law firm. She wants to go beyond the traditional financial prenuptial agreement, adding a set of civility clauses. "An Emotional Prenup".

For Murphy, his instrument of choice is the guitar, but he can play almost anything. This dreamy musician will prove to be a catalyst for Melanie and her Emo Prenup concept. Meanwhile, Melanie forces Murphy to confront his true feelings regarding success and fame.

"Prepare to Engage" carries a progressive message about divorce for millennials wrapped in the package of an old-fashioned romance.

Pitch DECK Prepare to Engage (1).png

Location: Miami (Florida)

In Development
Language: English / Spanish
Romance, millennial mindset, Latin music
Length: 90 Minutes

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