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A story of Juan Cejas & Pete Capo
Feature Film - Political Thriller

Ray Del Toro, father of a young girl and journalist at a fledgling local newspaper, gets news that he’ll be part of a massive layoff unless he can prove himself to be a financially viable asset. His luck changes when classified documents are given to him by a mysterious political operative regarding Arthur Teele, a local politician that is under investigation and has recently become a hot topic on the news.

Armed with what is essentialy a cheat sheet to a potentially career breaking story, Ray sets out to verify the claims in the documents in time for his deadline. After many roadblocks, including a total disallowance of the story by his associate editor, he manages to get the story printed. The resulting story includes unverified claims about Arthur Teele, including sex scandals and drug-use allegations. This results in Arthur Teele’s suicide in the newspaper’s lobby.

Forced to face the unexpected consequence of his story, Ray unravels as the press tunrs onto him and his newspaper which puts further strain on his relationship with his daughter. His morals are ultimately tested when the head of the newspaper presents him with a faustian bargain that could set him up for life and save his relationship with his daughter.

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