A story of Brian Skeet & Terry Cummings
Feature Film - Romantic comedy

"Wake up to love" is an Oscar Wildean screwball comedy that has been compared to the best work of Blake Edwards, Noel Coward, Neil Simon and Oscar Wilde.

The film is a roundelay of love and passions of the extraordinary Cooper clan set in contemporary Manhattan. 

Our leading character’s age-crossed romance breaks the status quo and everyone around them is liberated in a way they never expected. 

Beatrice Cooper (Amanda Pays) is a fifty something realtor on holiday with her eccentric and demanding Stepmother (Stephanie Beacham) in Long Island.

When her car breaks down a young man EDWARD BRADY (Cody Blymire) comes to her aid.  They argue and bicker until they end up making love.

In the morning she wakes and flees without saying goodbye.  

Following the one-night stand, comedy and drama arise when they re-encounter accidentally in Manhattan and everyone in their circle finds love and happiness on their own terms.

Location: New York (USA)

In Pre production
Language: English / Spanish
Romantic comedy, musical
Length: 90 Minutes

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