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A story of Joseph D. Peters
Feature Film

TANGO IN THE DARK is a psychological romantic thriller about a man who travels to an enchanted place in search of his first love but must return within twenty-four hours or he will die.

One man’s journey in search of his first love, it is the story of Carlos, a 20 year old Spaniard from a wealthy family living in Argentina, who falls in love with Marlena, a 20 year old who works in the local clothing factory and lives with her family on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Carlos and Marlena may speak the same language, but they are from different cultures and economic backgrounds. Although their love for each other is very deep, they cannot escape from their families’ emotions of hate and distrust. An ultimatum is given and their young love for each is shattered. Many years have passed and Carlos has returned for Marlena. Both of their lives have changed. Carlos has prospered, but is alone. Marlena has dreams of a better life where she can start her own business, but she suffers under the tyrannical dictatorship of a local businessman in the town of Sueños (Dreams)

The film will use the tango dance to explore the romance, passion, the sorrow, and the triumph of a deeply human story that is common to us all. Against that backdrop of a celebration of an ever-popular dance genre, TANGO IN THE DARK is intended to offer all of its audiences a portrait of a man and a woman searching for love in the throes of desire, understanding in the depths of despair, humanity in the face of betrayal, redemption in the act of forgiveness.


Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Language: English / Spanish (two versions)
Thriller psychological,  romance, Latin music
Length: 90 Minutes

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