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Award winning filmmaker who writes, produces, and directs.

His recent film projects have inspired him to explore his Latin American roots in Colombia as well as his interest in shooting in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Spain.

"As a filmmaker, I have written and developed several feature film projects (thrillers with action and romance). Filmmaking is the medium that contains all of the arts combined (drawing, painting, music, writing, and drama). My film influences comes not only from the artists in the United States, but also from the world of classic cinema.

I am attracted to the filmmakers that are able to take you to another place and time.

All of these elements combined will appeal to a worldwide audience and increase our chances for the films to be both artistically as well as financially successful"


Writer - Producer -Director


Scouting in Buenos Aires
WAC - Joseph on exterior set - reviewing
WAC - Joseph on exterior set - near cras

"My interest in the Latin market comes from my Caucasian/Hispanic background. I began to write, draw, and paint from the age of seven. My mother always had tango, salsa, and cumbia music playing in the background.

These films will be shot in English for the domestic and international market with bilingual local talent as well as a couple of American stars.

Blood on the Streets will incorporate a pure cinema language which is a combination of images and music to create an emotional response from the worldwide audience"

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