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Story of Andrew O. Wilson
Full Length Documentary

This is the unheard of story of the war on drugs from the perspectives of two Mexican Police Officers. This is the real  story of the war against the "The  Zetas" Narco's in 2009. 

Jesus and Roberto served in elite police SWAT teams actively engaged in operations against the drug cartels in central Mexico. These two young police officers were trying to do the right thing for their country, communities and families but end up being drawn into a world of violence and corruption where the only way out is to comply until you're no longer useful or dead.

During one shootout with Zeta sicarios, Roberto received a gunshot wound to the head from which he was not expected to survive. After brain surgery and 42 days in a coma he woke to face the ordeals of recovery and fighting for benefits to support his family.

Jesus helped drag the lifeless body of Roberto to safety during that fateful shootout and continued to work with the police until the threats from the cartels and corrupt police officers meant he had to flee to the US with his family and claim asylum before they ended up as another statistic in the war on drugs.


Location: México
Language: English / Spanish
Mexican, Mexico, Police, Drug Cartels, Narcos, Immigration, Inspirational.
Length: 60 Minutes




Location: Port-au-Prince/Miami
Language: English / Creole
Haiti poverty, modern slavery, human trafficking, Miami.
Length: 90 Minutes




A story of Andrew O. Wilson
Feature Film

Claudette was born into a poor family in the town of Maissade in the interior of Haiti. She was the oldest of three children and by  the age of six she had the responsibility of taking care of her two brothers.

It was around this time her heavily pregnant mother sent her to  work as a laundry girl and when her life changed forever. Her mother tragically died during childbirth and her father sold her as a Restavek, as he could no longer afford to support her. 

Claudette’'s journey as a modern slave took her to the United States and into the Haitian communities of Miami-Dade where she struggled, grew, overcame adversity and went on to fulfill the real American Dream.

The story is an inspirational drama and even though incorporates subjects that are dark and disturbing for some, it is set in the colorful and tropical backdrops of Haiti and Miami. The visual contrasts between the bleak circumstances that our characters live in and the vibrant environment which is Miami will help illustrate the massive divides of the society we live in.


A story of Andrew O. Wilson
Feature Film

From the frigid winter of North Western Europe to the tropical heat of the Caribbean and Miami our story will take you into the crypto currency theft and underworld debit collection.

This is a technically accurate, dark and humorous story that will take you into the world of today’s criminal elite.

After a raid on a shady crypto currency operation in Riga, Latvia that left one man frozen to death and others “disappeared” it was discovered during the follow-up investigation that the trail leads to a computer server in Tel Aviv and two gay realtors in Miami.

Of course the victims of the robbery want their ill-gotten funds returned and scores settled so, the debit collectors are dispatched. To facilitate the return of the clients funds the collectors immerse themselves into the seedy world the sex tourism of the Dominican Republic and the Miami social scene.

In a world where no-one is trusted or innocent our characters will open your eyes to a parallel world that you have most probably seen and to some extent experience without know it touched you!

collectors (1).png

Location: London/Miami/ Dom. Republic
Language: English

Money Laundry, Organized Crime, Crypto Currency, Cyber Security, Gangster Chic, Slick and Fashionable, Sex and Violence.
Length: 90 Minutes 


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