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A story of Joseph D. Peters
Feature Film

A SILENCE WITHIN is an English language full-length feature film about a disturbed Hispanic woman whose life is spiraling downward in a pattern of destructive behavior. Both Fabiana and her twin sister, Sabina are tormented by their childhood memories of an abusive father. While Sabina remains good and faithful to the church, Fabiana turns to a life of crime and is forced to change her identity and flee back to Buenos Aires. Fabiana is able to find work as an opening act in a night club and engages in a torrid affair with a handsome nightclub singer. But, in a moment of passion, she once again turns to crime and walks down a one way street of no return. What follows is a series of twists and turns that will finally settle the question of ... who will live and who will die!

Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Language: English / Spanish (two versions)
Thriller psychological,  romance, Latin music
Length: 90 Minutes

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