Story of Andrew O. Wilson
Full Length Documentary

This is the unheard of story of the war on drugs from the perspectives of two Mexican Police Officers. This is the real  story of the war against the "The  Zetas" Narco's in 2009. 

Jesus and Roberto served in elite police SWAT teams actively engaged in operations against the drug cartels in central Mexico. These two young police officers were trying to do the right thing for their country, communities and families but end up being drawn into a world of violence and corruption where the only way out is to comply until you're no longer useful or dead.

During one shootout with Zeta sicarios, Roberto received a gunshot wound to the head from which he was not expected to survive. After brain surgery and 42 days in a coma he woke to face the ordeals of recovery and fighting for benefits to support his family.

Jesus helped drag the lifeless body of Roberto to safety during that fateful shootout and continued to work with the police until the threats from the cartels and corrupt police officers meant he had to flee to the US with his family and claim asylum before they ended up as another statistic in the war on drugs.

Location: México
Language: English / Spanish
Mexican, Mexico, Police, Drug Cartels, Narcos, Immigration, Inspirational.
Length: 60 Minutes



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