A story of Bayardo Chávez
Docu Series

NATIVE NATION is a research documentary project developed by the Ecuadorian cinematographer Bayardo Chávez and his wife Laly Cabrera beginning in 2002; together with the aim of learning about the authentic reality of the indigenous world located in the Ecuadorian Alpine Tundra.

There are few stories and few scientific data that are part of our history, simply fragments that became the teaching platform in all schools in the Americas.

But it may be that the history books do not contain the whole truth, that there is a great story that we do not know.

"One Nation, from Sumak Kawsay to Abya Yala" - There is a common ancestral identity, despite the great diversity of cultures and peoples. Our goal is to reconstruct that identity and recreate the links that existed between all these people.

THE UNTOLD STORY OF FIRST NATIONS OF AMERICA in 40 native languages  translated to english and spanish.

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