A story of Juan Cejas & Pete Capo
Feature Film - Political Thriller

A potentially terminal diagnosis leads a young, cash-strapped high school teacher to recruit students to pull off a diamond heist. Things get complicated when the teacher and one of the students start a love affair.

Cindy, a teacher at a fledgling high school, gets news of a possible cancer diagnosis, a cheating husband, and an overdrawn bank account. She’s eager to re-invent herself when she finds her now ex-husband’s detailed plans to rob a jewelry store.

With renewed confidence, the new Cindy puts together a team of high school students to pull off the heist herself. In the process of planning and executing everything needed for the heist, Cindy and one of her students start a love affair.

The heist seemingly goes according to plan but does not result in any riches. Amidst tensions between everyone, the teacher-student love affair comes out in the open. Cindy ends up in jail, but not for long. When she gets out, she finds her former student lover waiting for her.

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