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Broadcasting Engineer for Regional Colombian Networks as Television Regional del Oriente and Telepacífico for more than two decades.

In 2006 he opened his own business INGTEL bringing technical support and video equipment to the industry.

As advocated community leader in Bucaramanga, his hometown, he lead the "Contigo, Mi Santander" initiative.

From this program he explored the opportunity to fundraise for children in poverty with public movie exhibitions in displaced and marginalized areas.





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The real stories he discovered around the community inspired his next move into storytelling creating nineteen original TV series for Canal TRO and Telepacífico. his achievement represents also the opening of a new production spot in Bucaramanga.

His recent story, "La Emboscada", was nominated as the best TV Series at the India Catalina 2021 Awards.

Now based in Miami, FL. His stories from Bucaramanga will move to another level and travel around the globe.

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